With three decades of hardcore bodybuilding experience, including 24 shows, 10 Runner-Ups at Pro Qualifiers, 2 National Titles, and finally, an IFBB Pro Card, I proved myself to be a consistent and formidable competitor. Using High Intensity Training, and very simple nutritional strategies, I always focused on stripping away the nonsense and getting to what really mattered when it came to adding muscle or getting ripped. HARD WORK.

Whether you’re just trying to get in better shape, or you want to compete at the highest levels, join me and get past all the noise of the online trends. I’ve had 100lb fat loss clients change their lives, lots of Overall champions, all-natural pro card winners, and I’ve even helped people achieve the same dream I had by winning their IFBB Pro Card.

All I ask, is that you work very hard and follow the plan. Are you ready?”


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