These are just a few of the hundreds of people I’ve helped. Proven results & transformations!

Riley Janzen – From Novice to IFBB Pro

Riley Janzen and I met through a friend and he casually asked me if I’d help him prepare for his first contest. We stuck together through it all, and 6 years later he was a PRO! Amazing work ethic and focus. Riley truly is a dream client. Smart and hard working, yet still respects that the coach is running the show and doesn’t deviate from the plan. Like most champions, he is very coachable. Riley is a Pro because he trains like a machine and makes no excuses.


He is currently training to make improvements for his pro bodybuilding debut.

2016 Canadian Nationals, 5th place HW. He came in ultra peeled to make weight at 219lbs.
2016 Ben Weider Cup where Riley turned Pro by coming in a lot fuller and winning the SHW and Overall at 230lbs.
Start of 2013 prep at 230lbs.
Start of 2016 prep at 255lbs.
Riley’s first show in 2011 as a LHW. He won the Overall. Paired with Riley turning pro in 2016 at 230lbs. 6 years apart.
Riley in 2016, a week out from turning Pro at 235lbs.

Ken Gibbs – Alberta Masters Champion

Ken is a long time lifter and has competed many times, but a few years ago we hooked up to take his training to the next level.

These pictures are from his last prep where he came in at his all time best. Ken was very happy to win the Alberta Masters and go on to place second in a competitive Masters class at the Vancouver Pro-Am. Ken works hard and gets ripped.

Start of 2018 prep at 210lbs.
16 weeks later at 176lbs.

Andrew Kersten

Andrew Kersten came to me in 2012 on referral. He got into bodybuilding to recover from a near death car crash that shattered his body. At that point, it was amazing he was even walking. We started working together, and over the past 6 years he has become a real bodybuilder. He transformed his mindset, lifestyle and is now getting ready for his second show.

The day he hired me in 2012, weighing 200lbs (left), and Nov 2018 about the start prep for his second show at 225lbs (right).
1 week out from his first bodybuilding contest at 185lbs.