Monthly Coaching/Mentoring

I will set up everything, including nutrition, training, and supplements. I will monitor your progress with weekly check ins, and make all the necessary adjustments. You’ll be sending me pics and workout videos, so I can assess your progress and help improve your training efficiency. I’ll push you and keep you accountable. With 30 years of experience in the world of bodybuilding, I’ve seen it and done it all. So let me use that experience to help you reach your goals.

$350 Per/Month

(Sign up requires first 2 months paid in full upon Signup)

1 X Nutrition Plan

Totally custom based off you’re current plan. I will check over all your nutrition and adjust it, or overhaul it, all according to your needs.


1 X Training Plan

I will assess you from pictures and your current training program, and adjust, or completely overhaul anything that needs changing.


1 X Training & Nutritional

I will go over everything you’re doing, including your food, training, supps, and gear. I will adjust, and overhaul anything that needs to be changed.


1-on-1 Training Session

Constantly watching your form and execution, I will push your intensity off the charts, and show you what you are really capable of. Spots are very limited.